Get your PIN

Request a National Premises Identification Number (PremID or PIN) from the office of your State Animal Health Official. In an outbreak, the PIN will allow producers to be notified if they are in a regulatory Control Area, speeding up a response.

The PIN is also valuable when requesting a movement permit. It can link test results and other important information to a premises which may allow a permit to be issued sooner.

Producers may already have a national PIN assigned if they have received official sheep tags in the past (sometimes referred to as scrapie tags) as part of the National Scrapie Eradication Program. A PIN is required to obtain a 15-digit “840” tag or implant used to identify sheep. Producers may also have a livestock ID (LID) or flock identification number (FIN), often referred to as the flock ID. LIDs start with the state’s numeric code, FINs start with the state postal abbreviation where the premises is located, and PINs are usually in a different format: alphanumeric and only seven-digits. Check with the office of the SAHO to get or verify a PIN, which is required for movement permits in an FMD outbreak.

Already have a PIN? Great! Now it is time to validate it.

  • Contact your State Animal Health Official to ensure the PIN data includes a valid 911 address and a set of matching coordinates (latitude and longitude) reflecting the actual location of the animals on the premises.
  • Start including your validated PIN on diagnostic sample submissions.

Get your PIN!

How to Obtain a PIN